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Eid al-Adha 2021: Nasi Ambeng Islandwide Delivery from $48

Nasi Ambeng is a popular Indonesian dish that is often served on a platter for communal dining experiences with friends and family during special occasions.

Nusantara Singapore has created 3 different tiers of Nasi Ambeng to choose from:

$48 - Serves 2 pax

$92 - Serves up to 4 pax

$188 - Serves up to 8 pax

Nusantara Singapore's Nasi Ambeng includes:

Nasi Bunga - Telang Blue Pea Rice

Wagyu Beef Rendang - Braised Wagyu Beef spiced with Coconut, Butter & Herbs Sambal Lemak Udang - Prawns cooked in Coconut Oil, Pineapple & Chilli Paste

Ayam Binjai - Boneless Chicken Leg cooked in Sweet, Spicy and Mild Sour Gravy served with Roasted Almond Flakes

Sayur Lemak - Medley of Vegetables cooked in Turmeric Flavoured Coconut Gravy

Sambal Goreng Nusantara - Fermented Soy Cake with Bean Curd and Long Bean cooked with Sambal Paste

Terung Sambal Belado - Eggplant with Belado Chilli

Sambal Paru - Beef Lung sautéed with Chilli Paste

Bergedil - Deep Fried Mashed Potato Cake

Tahu Sambal Hijau - Fried Bean Curd Tossed with Green Chilli Paste

Tempeh Berempah - Deep Fried Fermented Soy Cake with Spices & Serunding Spiced Grated Coconut

You can place your orders via from 17th July - 20th July 2021.


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